Published by IntRL
10 Nov 2021

International Rugby League (IRL)  and its US member, the United States Association of Rugby League (USARL), have agreed, in partnership, to conduct a review of USARL’s governance and consider reform in the unique context of the American sports landscape.

USARL achieved IRL membership in 2014 and feels that it is the appropriate time to consider whether a refreshed governance model can better position the sport to meet the expectations and aspirations of America’s growing community of rugby league stakeholders and take advantage of the many opportunities that the future will present.

Against this backdrop, IRL is implementing a multi-phase approach that will conclude with recommendations to USARL on a structural model it feels will most effectively position the governing body to lead the sport and its many, diverse active proponents.

Initially, IRL is seeking to consult with a broad range of existing rugby league stakeholders in the USA, as per the information below.  If you would like to participate in the consultation and fit into one of the categories below, please email before the closing date of 24 November 2021. You will be asked to provide information that validates your eligibility as a consultee.



Active US rugby league club

Active regional rugby league body in the USA

Interested person (someone with a former or current active role in USA rugby league)

National team representative from 2018 onwards (who will represented by two elected delegates)

Match official (who will be represented by one elected delegate)