Rugby League Federation Ghana road trip spreads the game to northern region

Published by IRL
29 Jul 2021

A journey of a thousand miles, they say starts with the first step. On July 10, 2021, two of Rugby League Federation Ghana (RLFG) volunteers, Jafaru Awudu Mustapha and William Biney left Accra on the southern coast of Ghana to visit Kpadjia in the far northern region of East Gonja to spread the game of Rugby League.

The visit included a formal introduction of the sport to the kingsmen of Kpadjai, the Kpadjai basic and junior high schools plus the Community Pentecostal Pastor.

Over 100 participants were introduced to passing, catching, play the ball, and games of touch rugby

"Looking at the excitement with which the community took to rugby league I have no doubt that with more volunteers and equipment, Kpadjai could be a new hot-bed for the sport.” said Jafaru Awudu Mustapha (General Manager, RLFG).

Adiza Mohammed Bogobiri, a nurse at Kpadjai and a regular player for Ghana Skolars RLC who invited the coaches and arranged their stay commented, “I am so excited about the introduction of rugby league to Kpadjai. This will give me the opportunity to play when I am not in Accra.

“It will also help develop the children’s cognitive skills and possibly attract investors to develop the region.  We lack so many social amenities, good road network, schools, health facilities, mobile communications network and many other things. Rugby league may just help to bring wider support to our area.”