Canada Grizzlies to make international debut

Published by IntRL
19 Nov 2021

Masters Rugby League is holding an international weekend where a team representing England will be joined Wales and Ireland plus the Canada Grizzlies who have made the 3500-mile trip to take part – and we already know the result! There will be no trophy and every game will be a 0 – 0 draw according to the rules of Masters.

Masters Rugby League is a game for those over 35 years of age, where the rules have been amended to ensure that players of all ages, there is no upper limit, can enjoy the game in safety. They wear shorts according to their age bracket and that allows different levels of contact, and it works very well.

Bob Jowett is the President of Canada Rugby League, and he is one of the Grizzlies. He was a student international and an amateur player for Great Britain and then went on the play as a professional at Huddersfield before moving to Canada. He sees the importance of Masters to the development of rugby league.

“The majority of our players have only ever played Masters Rugby League, they have no other experience but they love the sport now. We played our opening game and although the score was “nil – nil” and we had a great game played in the true Masters’ spirit, the players were devastated that we had conceded tries.

“We sang the Canadian anthem in the dressing room before the game and to see a set of old farts singing and shedding tears demonstrated that this means something to them – and that is good for rugby league when we go home.”

The Masters International Festival takes place at Leigh East Rugby League Club on Sunday November 21st, kick off 1:00

Masters Rugby League is growing world-wide and is a superb way to retain players and engage with new players. For more information contact