Rugby League World Cup

“The French public have the opportunity to discover a different and beautiful rugby” Nicolas Clausells, France wheelchair team

Published by IntRL
18 Jan 2022

Nicolas Clausells is one of the standout players with the world number 1 rated France wheelchair rugby league team. He welcomes the opportunity to host RLWC2025 in France with open arms saying, “I am really happy that France has been granted this privilege, it is the first time since the 1970’s that France has been the host nation apart from a few games in 2013. It gives us the chance to show another rugby to the French.”

France are the current World Cup holders and recently defeated closest rivals, England in a two-game series. Wheelchair rugby league will be one of the disciplines where France will start Rugby League World Cup 2025, to be held in France, as one of the strong favourites. Clausells recognises that position but also the rapid growth and development of the sport around the world. “France is number 1 in wheelchair rugby league at present, and I hope we will still be number 1 in 2025, however this is a growing sector of our sport with more teams, more players and they are improving very quickly.

“We are looking for 16 nations to compete in RLWC2025 so that requires some development work. I hope to see nations such as New Zealand and other pacific nations taking up and progressing in the sport. Ireland have made some progress and we should see them too.

He understands too, the importance and the potential impact of France2025 on the sport in his home country saying, “The French public has the chance to discover a different and beautiful version of rugby. I remain convinced that France can be, once again, a major power in international rugby league, whether that be, men, women, youth or wheelchair.”

France Wheelchair Number One in the World