Netherlands name train-on squad for internationals

Published by Euro Rugby League
22 Jun 2022

Newly appointed Netherlands head coach Dave Hunter has named his first 35-man train-on squad for the autumn internationals, which include home fixtures against Sweden in Zaandam and the tenth Griffin Cup at Voorschoten facing Germany.

The Netherlands are planning a trip to Spain as they prepare for the next round of qualification games for the 2025 World Cup

Eighteen of last year’s squad who won European Championship D are included, along with twelve uncapped players.

“Over the opening rounds of the domestic competition, we’ve seen some good performances,” said Hunter. “There have been some promising young players who’ve stood out and I’ll be looking to them to apply pressure on the current incumbents.

"We’ll be having a two day camp the week after the Grand Final, not only to form combinations and put structures in place, but also to give the playing group a chance to get to know us.”

Hunter added: “We’re definitely still open to having the best players available, so the opportunity is still there for them to force their way in with good performances in the remaining rounds of the regular season.”

Also announced, Paul Pettit - who has experience in the game in Hull and London - comes in as assistant coach. He has been working with Zwolle Wolves in the 2022 season.

Train-on squad:James Adams, William Johnston, Bram Tjalma (Amsterdam Cobras), Adam Braksator, Paul Dirkzwager, Sander Doria, Romeo Goldman, Lucas Gout, Frank Longhurst, Maurits Thomson, Bonne Wilce, Hamish Wragg (Den Haag Knights), Daniel de Ruiter, Santino Landus, Arie-Tjerk Razoux Schultz, Trevor Rode, Ruben Stuifzand, Mark van den Broek (Harderwijk Dolphins), Auke Idzerda, Shadan Lavia, Edson Neves, Isaac Ngirubiu, Dominic Stuivenberg, Soren van der Linden (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Damon Koolstra (Southern Suburbs Mackay Sharks), Niels Frelink, Mauricio Gomez Pazos, Kees Kuijpers, Paul Kuijpers, Toine Obiang Nguema, Mike Prins, Laury Renac, Joran Schoenmaker, Max Smits, Benji van Bodegraven (Zwolle Wolves)