Judiciary Report: October 28, November 4, 5

Published by IntRL
13 Nov 2023

After international matches played on October 28 and November 4-5, the IRL Judiciary has taken the following decisions:

Aden Perry (South Africa) - Sin bin: (Law 15.1(k) Shoulder Charge – other dangerous contact). Grade A charge - 1 match ban

Blessing Alade (Nigeria) - Sent off: (Law 15.1(a) Trips, kicks or strikes another player – intentional trip) - no further action

Victoria Molyneux (England) - Sin bin: (Law 15.1(b) When tackling or attempting to tackle makes contact with the head or neck of an opponent - Reckless – tried to tackle but reckless about outcome). Grade B charge - 2 match ban

All suspensions apply to the next concerned domestic, representative or international games, whichever come first.