Press Release

IRL statement: Next steps for USARL governance reform

Published by IntRL
24 Jan 2023

International Rugby League has issued the following statement on the USARL governance reform:

A draft USARL constitution and membership policy has been circulated to US stakeholders, including those respondents who participated in the 2022 consultation and a wide group of clubs and other interested organisations.

The governance documents codify the principles agreed as part of the review into USARL’s structure.

The review involved almost 30 consultees involved in the game in America and a study of five US governing bodies.

Stakeholders have been invited to provide feedback by mid-February.

The next phase of the process will be for USARL to approve the articles and then for members to join USARL.

After the 2023 season, the plan calls for the election of a new Board, voted by the eligible member clubs and leagues.