International Rugby League Chair keen to support members to develop and support new competitions

Published by IRL
16 Apr 2021

In response to statements from both USARL and Canada Rugby League, International Rugby League (IRL) Chair, Troy Grant supports the members’ willingness to explore the potential of new domestic competitions.

Recently, there have been announcements about the establishment of two new competitions in North America, CCCRL and NARL. Both announcements have been the subject of responses from the national governing bodies and members of IRL, namely Canada Rugby League Association (CRLA) and United States Association of Rugby League (USARL).

Troy Grant, IRL Chair, welcomes the developments whilst supporting the rights of the members to govern the sport within their own jurisdictions. He said, “It is a sign of the attractiveness of rugby league that people wish to grow existing and new competitions and that should be welcomed and expected.

“It is the role of the recognised member in each country to govern all rugby league activity and I would encourage all parties to swiftly come together to allow the competitions and the whole of rugby league the best chance reach full potential. If it is helpful, then I offer both myself and IRL General Secretary to facilitate those discussions.

“We are all engaged in rugby league to grow the game and we all have responsibilities to operate within the structures. IRL has worked very hard over the last 10 years to ensure that members have the correct structures and procedures in place to encourage people to play at all levels. That is how properly organised sports operate.

“North America is my personal preference for RLWC2029 and establishing a thriving professional competition in North America will provide a great incentive for players who wish to represent their country on home soil.

“I am confident that, with constructive dialogue a really positive solution can be found, competitions will flourish, and more people will be able to enjoy rugby league across the whole of North America.”



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