Ghana's rugby league extravaganza: Women's Championship and Men's Origins Cup

Published by RLF Ghana
12 Sep 2023

Ghana is gearing up for a spectacular showcase of rugby league talent with the 2023 Women's Rugby League 13s Championship and the Men's Origins Cup set to take centre stage.

The Rugby League Federation Ghana has unveiled plans for these exciting events, scheduled from September 17 to October 22, at the University of Ghana Ajax Park. 

2023 Women's Rugby League 13s Championship 

Returning for its second edition, the Women's 13s Championship welcomes three new teams to the fold: Accra Panthers, Nungua Tigers and Skolars RLFC.

The championship will adopt a round-robin format, ensuring a maximum playing time for all participating teams. 

Beyond the rugby league action, these athletes are set to champion important causes. On September 16, they will unite with Let's Do It Ghana for the 2023 World Clean Up event at La Boma Beach, underlining their commitment to environmental responsibility. 

During the championship, Ridge Medical Centre will offer essential health services, including breast and prostate screenings. This proactive approach emphasizes the importance of holistic well-being beyond the playing field. 

Riddick Alibah, Greater Accra Regional Manager of the Rugby League Federation Ghana, commended the teams, stating, "Our women have undergone rigorous training and are ready to excel. Their participation in community events underscores their dedication." 

Juliana Storey, President of the federation, expressed pride in the female athletes.

"This championship celebrates their talent and dedication. We hope it inspires more women and girls to join rugby league," Storey said. 

Men's Origins Cup 

Following the successful Men's 13s Championship in July, the Men's Origins Cup will return with three captivating matches pitting Giwa McNeil against Safi teams.

These matches serve as a selection process for the Men's National Team, with 40 players chosen from the 13s Championship competing for coveted spots. 

The Men's Origins Cup kicks off on September 17 and concludes on October 22, promising riveting rugby league action. 

The Rugby League Federation Ghana's commitment to both men and women's rugby league is evident, making Ghana a burgeoning rugby league hub.

With thrilling matches and a strong community focus, these events extend beyond sports, showcasing the spirit of rugby league.