Commercial Committee (COMCO)

International Rugby League's Commercial Committee serves as an advisory to manage the preparedness of all matters relating to income generating activity including but not limited to global and competition sponsors and partners, media rights, event and competition titles and marks, retail and merchandise, and all online platforms as part of a commercial vision.    


Greg Barclay (Chair), Greg Peters (NZRL), Graeme Thompson (RLEF), Nigel Wood (IRL CEO), Andrew Abdo (NRL), Emma Young (IRL Independent Director) and Ralph Rimmer (RLEF). Charlotte Monkman (IRL) is secretary.


    • In the discharge of its remit and responsibilities in the Areas of Activity, the Commercial Committee (COMCO) shall have the authority to request from IRL or any member (or any individual and/or third party as may be affiliated to or in any way connected with the IRL, its members or associates) information in such form, whether written or otherwise recorded, as may in its absolute discretion, consider to be reasonably necessary for the proper discharge of its duties under these TOR.
    • In support of the COMCO’s activities, all IRL members and associates (and to the extent that is within their power, procure that such other individuals and third parties will) provide all such information as are reasonably within their power to facilitate the discharge of the COMCO’s duties under these TOR.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, COMCO shall have no autonomous decision-making powers and shall act solely as an advisory committee and make recommendations to the Board.


    • To serve in an advisory and strategic capacity to manage the preparedness of IRL in all matters relating to its income generating commercial activity including but not limited to global and competition sponsors and partners, media rights, event and competition titles and marks, retail and merchandise, and all online platforms as part of a commercial vision.
    • To evaluate and analyse potential commercial performance of various international calendar models and to determine the most financially viable and deliverable for recommendation.
    • To undertake any preliminary negotiations and to determine and recommend actions to the IRL Board for approval, including, where based on detailed proposals, recommendations whether to enter into agreement with a commercial partner.
    • To consider commercial rights of any potential commercial partnership IRL may choose to enter into.
    • To link with members, associates and stakeholders as required to facilitate a coherent commercial plan that furthers the IRL’s objects as set out in its article of association.


  1. SCOPE
    • To operate from the date these TOR are adopted by the IRL Board (Formation Date).
    • The COMCO shall position the IRL to facilitate a comprehensive commercial plan that coheres with any wider organisation strategy adopted and implemented by the Board from time to time.


    • The Chair shall be the Chair of the IRL.
    • Members shall be the IRL deputy chair(s), the IRL independent directors and the CEOs of ARLC, NZRL, IRL and RFL.
    • Management support shall be provided by the IRL as COMCO deems necessary and as such administrative support as is reasonably required.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, no member of the COMCO will be entitled to appoint an alternate or proxy to act on their behalf.


    • Meetings will be held when called by the COMCO Chair.
    • Quorum is four members one of whom must be the Chairman of the IRL.
    • The agenda and conduct of COMCO meetings will be at the discretion of the Chair (in consultation with the other members who shall be entitled to request for any relevant items to be placed on the agenda).
    • Minutes of each meeting will be prepared by COMCO utilising the IRL administrative support as necessary, circulated for comment as soon as practicable (but no more than two days following each meeting) and approved at the subsequent COMCO meeting
    • Agenda and supporting papers to be sent a minimum of two business days prior to a meeting
    • Further meetings may be called as required.


    • All matters discussed, papers prepared and materials disclosed as part of the COMCO activities are strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the Chair unless so required by law or such information is in the public domain, such obligation remaining even after any relevant period of appointment has expired.
    • All information provided to the COMCO shall, unless otherwise agreed with the Chair, become and remain the property of the IRL even after any relevant period of appointment has expired.
    • In performing their duties and functions described in these TOR each COMCO member shall act in the best interests of the game of rugby league, in accordance with their fiduciary duties and in accordance with IRL’s articles, rules and policies.


    • Communication and meetings shall be held by telephone or tele-conference facility (e.g. Zoom) and otherwise communication shall be by email.
    • COMCO shall report in writing to the IRL Board following each meeting or otherwise as and when the COMCO considers it necessary to report on a specific matter.


    • The COMCO may, with the approval of the Chair, obtain such external or third-party professional advice as it deems reasonably necessary to assist in the proper performance of its duties as set out in these TOR. The IRL shall be fully responsible for any such costs and expenses properly incurred directly or indirectly by any third party.
    • The IRL agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified each member of the COMCO from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, suits and expenses which have been incurred by or asserted against any COMCO member in such capacity, provided that such indemnity shall not to those liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, suits and expenses which have been incurred as a result of any negligence, fraud or wilful misconduct of the COMCO member.
    • These TOR will be reviewed by the Board as and when required by the Board, taking into account any comments, feedback, and/or amendments suggested by the COMCO, to ensure that they remain fit for purpose.