International Rugby League's Audit and Risk Committee serves as an advisory to the IRL Board. 

The group's purpose and key areas of activity are: 

  • Review, monitor and manage significant business and financial risks, including the quality of financial reporting and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Review and monitor financial activities, including management accounts, budgets, risk management activities and internal and external audit functions and controls.
  • Ensure the Board is immediately made aware of any irregularities occurring in the financial or regulatory controls relating to the organisation, or of any changes to areas identified in the risk register that the Committee deems significant.
  • Recommend to the Board whether to retain or remove the incumbent internal or external auditor in advance of the AGM.
  • Report to and advise the Board on the areas covered in 1.1-1.2 or on any other matter it deems appropriate.


Chair: Reon Edwards (IRL)
Danny Kazandjian (IRL)
Mark Martin (IRL)
Emma Young (IRL)
Secretary: Charlotte Monkman

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