Cameroon Rugby League XIII

Rugby league in cameroon 

Cameroon Rugby League XIIII was founded on July 5, 2012 to be part of the sports associations playing Rugby League and its related disciplines, rugby’9, wheelchair rugby, rugby beach, rugby master, rugby tag, rugby touch, in Cameroon.

Cameroon Rugby League / 13. Governed by Law No. 90/053 of December 19, 1990 on Freedom of Association and Law No. 2011/018 of July 15, 2011 relating to the organisation and promotion of Physical and Sporting Activities. Its acronym is CRL XIII.

Cameroon Rugby League XIIII  Prohibited from all political, philosophical, or religious discussions.


The General Assembly is made up of representatives of clubs affiliated to CRL XIII, mandated for this purpose by the Governing Bodies of each clubs and the representatives of each affiliated association must be licensed to CRL XIII.

 Any participant in the CRL XIII General Assembly as a representative of an affiliated sports association (club) must hold a vote.

To be valid, this power must be signed (proxy) and dated by the sports association (club) represented.

Only representatives (licensed) clubs affiliated with CRL XIII are eligible to vote during the quadrennial General Assembly.


The Association Cameroon Rugby League 13, or CRLXIII for short, was formed on 28 July 2017 in Yaounde, the history of the sport in Cameroon, however, began in 2012, when a local, Carol Manga, who worked in Australia and fell in love with rugby league, introduced it his compatriots. Manga and his colleagues slowly built up a presence in four regions.

The Cameroon rugby league players have just returned home after one of the most courageous and arduous journeys of any international sporting side in recent times. 

The international debutants have just taken part in the Middle East and Africa Rugby League Championship, staged in neighbouring Nigeria and, in a bid to keep costs to a minimum, travelled by bus on an eight day return coach trip which involved attempted robbery, guns being pointed at them, unsanctioned payments being taken at unofficial check points and the team being arrested. 

Carol Manga, Cameroon General Manager, travelled with the team and said: “We received support from our friends across the world, however, not enough to secure flights so we took a bus. Travelling this way is a struggle however also has so many positive aspects as we forged a great bond. The players pushed themselves to see their dream come true and play international rugby league. I’m so proud of all the team.”

RLEF General Manager Chris Thair added: “This is a remarkable story which typifies the commitment towards rugby league in Africa and the Middle East. We wish to offer further support to the nations however cannot do so without the support from businesses and the international community.”


  • 2025 Rugby League World Cup qualifier campaign gave Cameroon national competition a significant boost in 2020, 2021 & 2022
  • Set to have Women, Youth & Men Championship
  • 05 Women teams
  • 04 Youth teams
  • 08 Men teams (Elite)
  • 05 Men teams


CRL XIII is based in Cameroon, its headquarters are in Yaounde, PO Box 7831, it has an annex headquarters located in Australia.