5 May 2024


The US Association of Rugby League (USARL) has announced a series of transformative changes to the organizational and competitive structure of Rugby League across the United States.

These developments are aimed at bolstering the sport’s growth and ensuring a high standard of competition nationwide.

The first announcement involved the rapid expansion of Rugby League in the state of Utah which has necessitated the separation of the Utah Rugby League Association (URLA) from the Pacific Coast
Rugby League (PCRL).

The URLA will now operate as an independent entity distinct from the PCRL, managing its competition in accordance with USARL standards.

At the end of the regular season, URLA and PCRL conference winners will compete for the Western Championship, with the winner facing the Eastern Champions for the 2024 National Championship Title.

The second announcement addressed a significant unification effort on the East Coast of the United

Rugby League United (RLU) which encompasses teams from the Northeastern US, has officially rejoined the USARL.

The RLU’s Men’s teams which include the Boston 13s, Brooklyn Kings, DC Cavalry, and Delaware Black Foxes will compete against one another within the RLU conference.

Additionally, the Brooklyn Kings have also been joined by the New York State Queens women's team
who will compete in the USARL Women’s competition.

Their season will conclude with a champion who will face the Florida Rugby League's (see below) champion for the Eastern Championship, setting the stage for a national title showdown against the West.

Finally, the competition formerly known as USARL South will now be called the Florida Rugby League
(FRL) to align with the identities of the other competitive regions.


Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans beat Jacksonville Axeman in the 2023 National Championships final (Allene Rachal/USARL)

This rebranding affects both men's and women's teams in the region, including the Jacksonville Axemen and Axewomen, SWFL Copperheads, Tampa Mayhem and Mischief, and the Atlanta Rhinos.

These changes are designed to enhance the competitive landscape of rugby league in the United States and align with our strategy of further strengthening and growing the game.

This structural evolution supports our goal of fostering a robust national championship that celebrates and elevates the sport across the country.

The USARL is committed to the success of these initiatives and excited for what the future holds.

We invite fans, players, and stakeholders to engage with us and each of these competitions as we look forward to our 2024 seasons kicking off in June.

For further details on these announcements and upcoming events, please refer to individual press releases issued by the respective regions and USARL initiatives please visit www.usarl.org.