9 Mar 2024


On March 2, 2024, the National Rugby League (NRL) brought two regular-season matches to the United States as part of the 2024 season kickoff.

This groundbreaking initiative marked the first time NRL regular season matches were played on US soil, representing a significant milestone for the sport's global expansion.

The NRL's commitment to engage the US rugby league community went beyond the matches, including hosting the 9s event, combine, and various other activities surrounding this monumental endeavour.

This comprehensive approach not only brought professional rugby league action to American fans but also provided an immersive experience for players and enthusiasts alike, fostering a deeper connection to the sport here on American soil.

"This was a momentous occasion for rugby league fans in the United States, and we extend our sincere gratitude to the NRL for making this historic event possible," said David Abo, Interim Chair of the USARL.

"Having NRL matches played on US soil was not only a fantastic event, as it fuels our joint desire of growing popularity and recognition of rugby league in our country, but it has already opened up conversations with players interested in joining a club and drawn inquires on starting new clubs in the United States."

"We saw this as more than just two NRL games; it was a significant step towards building a lasting partnership that would benefit both organizations and, more importantly, the rugby league community in the US," Abo added.

"We look forward to future collaborations with the NRL and leveraging our shared goal of expanding grassroots rugby league in the US."

The collaboration between the USARL and NRL moving forward represents a pivotal moment in the growth and development of rugby league in the United States, and the USARL is excited about the opportunities it brings for the sport's future.