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IRL affirms the belief of WADA & UNESCO that education is a central theme of any programme designed to remove doping from sports. A successful program of anti-doping worldwide can only function with adequate education of players and the whole sporting community. The IRL firmly believes that players and their support system should be well aware of all rights, obligations, anti-doping precautions, methods, doping control systems and prohibitive substances. It also reiterates that players should be aware of consequences of doping not just in terms of doping code violations and disciplinary measures thereof, but also about the health hazards caused due to doping substances.

The IRL with help of WADA and other anti-doping agencies will raise awareness about anti-doping in the mountaineering community. IRL and its member associations are committed to provide the ideal environment for ‘fair play’ and educate every member of the mountaineering community about the harm from doping to the sport and the individual(s) concerned.


IRL Anti-Doping Certificate

In 2020, the IRL launched its anti-doping online education programme.

All players competing in the upcoming IRL season are invited to take (and pass) the test and obtain a certificate.

Although this education is only intended for IRL licensed players, the IRL hopes it can be useful to anyone interested in finding more information about SafeRugbyLeague.

Before starting the journey through our course, please take a careful look at the step-by-step guideline here.

To successfully pass the course and obtain a certificate, applicants need 11 right answers out of 20 questions in total. If Player does not succeed the first time, Player will have other chance(s) to complete the course 

The link to the anti-doping online education is here


WADA Prohibited list 2019
International standard for testing
Urine Sample collections
Doping control form
Blood sample collection
Sample collection personnel
Result Management
International standard for TUE
Therapeutic use exemption guidelines
Medical Information to Support the Decisions of TUECs
Standard TUE Application Template


Further Information 

Court of Arbitration for Sport

Tramadol Factsheet

Tramadol Factsheet